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  • 12V 1.5m Front Hood Waterproof LED Strip Light £ 20£ 25

    Enhance the look of your vehicle’s front hood with this 12V 1.5m Engine Hood LED Strip Light. This waterproof LED strip light is designed specifically for car bonnets and features RGB multi-colored lighting options that can be controlled through an intuitive smartphone app.

  • 4ml New Car Scent Diffuser £ 11

    Introducing our Car Air Fresheners this package includes a set of two 4ml New Car Scent Diffusers designed to keep your car smelling fresh and inviting. The diffusers are crafted as Automotive Hanging Perfume Pendants, making them not only functional but also stylish additions to your vehicle.

  • All Weather Protection Car Cover £ 170

    The Car Cover All Weather Protection is a high-quality, waterproof, and UV-resistant full cover designed specifically for VW T25, T3, T4, T5, T6, and T7 hatchback models. This automotive exterior accessory offers excellent protection against various weather conditions, including snow, rain, dust, and harmful UV rays.

  • BASENOR Tesla Model Car Cover £ 111

    The BASENOR Tesla Model Y Car Cover is designed to provide all-weather UV protection for the exterior of the Model Y. This car cover is tailored specifically for the Model Y 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 Gen 2 models. It features a convenient charge port opening and a ventilated mesh design, ensuring easy access to the charging port while also allowing for proper airflow to prevent moisture buildup under the cover.

  • Car Side Wing Mirror Rain Protector Cover £ 50

    Introducing our Universal Carbon Fiber Rear View Side Mirror Rain Eyebrow – a perfect addition to your car, SUV, or truck! This product comes in a pair and is designed to protect your side wing mirrors from rain, ensuring a clear view even in inclement weather.

  • KEPLIN Magnetic L & P Plates for Car £ 4£ 7

    The KEPLIN Magnetic L & P Plates for Car is a set of essential accessories designed for new drivers, learners, and those who have recently passed their driving test. The pack includes 2 L plates and 2 P plates, all of which are UK road legal and comply with the Highway Code regulations.

  • MOTOPOWER MP0515A 12V Car Battery Tester £ 51

    The MOTOPOWER MP0515A is a 12V Car Battery Tester designed for automotive use. It is a versatile tool used to test the health and performance of car batteries and the vehicle’s charging system. The battery load tester is capable of handling a wide range of Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) ratings, specifically from 100 to 2000 CCA.

  • Sakura SS3338 Car P Plates Universal Set £ 5

    The Sakura SS3338 Car P Plates Universal Set is designed to make your transition to the roads smoother and safer. This complete set includes two high-quality, durable P Plates that are universally compatible with most vehicles. The bold “P” mark ensures other drivers can easily identify you as a provisional driver, promoting road awareness and safety.

  • Veepeak 12V Car Battery Tester £ 47

    The Veepeak 12V Car Battery Tester is a digital battery load tester and analyzer designed for automotive use. It is capable of testing batteries with a CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) rating between 100 and 2000. This diagnostic tool is suitable for use with various vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and boats.

  • White Amber Flexible LED Strip Turn Signal Lights £ 162

    Enhance your car’s safety and style with these Flexible LED Strip Turn Signal Lights. Designed to fit any 12V cars, these daytime running lights offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The flexible LED strips can be easily installed in car headlights and tail lights, providing increased visibility during the day and serving as turn signal lights.

  • WORKPRO Cordless Ratchet Wrench Set £ 75£ 82

    The WORKPRO Cordless Ratchet Wrench Set is a versatile and powerful tool designed for various automotive and mechanical applications. It includes a 3/8″ cordless ratchet wrench that operates with a 12V powered system, providing a maximum torque of 55N.m. The set comes with seven different sockets, an extension bar, and a drive adapter, allowing for a wide range of fastening and loosening tasks.

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